Friday 20 November 2015

Second Best To Mums Roast

I think we can all agree that a post is well overdue, but rather than feeling guilty and bore you with details as to where weekly updates have been I thought I would get stuck into one of the topics that excites me the most: food.

My favourite season, Autumn, is slowing coming to an end. The golden leaves are vastly vanishing and the Winter chill is creeping in - however one of the highlights us Brits gain when it comes to Winter is the classic Roast. You're mad if you don't love them.

Monday 7 September 2015

Last Of The Summer Picnics

I was determined to squeeze one more picnic in before this Summer draws to a close.

It just so happens that the talented Karen organised a little photography shindig with a group of fellow Cambridge bloggers and keen photographers.

After arriving late, I quickly found a spot next to some familiar faces: EmmaAlice and Claire, and unpacked my unworthy picnic of cherry toms, Parma ham and crusty bread.

Monday 31 August 2015

Hungry Eyes In Norwich

After an hours road-trip we arrived in Norwich; a very gloomy, rainy Norwich.

But the weather wasn't going to stop my sister and I from celebrating one of her special birthdays.

Thursday 27 August 2015

Time To Rebalance

Everyday life can become a little hectic now and again; trying to fit a hundred tasks into one day whilst still allowing time to enjoy yourself and relax can be a struggle. Continuous busy days result in time flying by and before you know it you're nearly in September... how?

There is one thing that I find helps to stop getting lost in the stress and chaos, bring my mind back to the moment and focus on myself: a pamper evening is never overrated.

L'Occitane are a brand which are helping with this, having launched a new Rebalancing Ritual to their