Sunday, 7 June 2015

Six Weeks Passed, Six Weeks To Go

This morning I woke to an email alarming me of the fact that I now only have six weeks to go until my first charitable run, Race For Life.

Last time I checked I had two months - where did those two weeks go? I can't decide if it's the 10K run or the quick loss of time that's frightening me more.

It's been a while since my last fitness post where I was only just beginning, since then I've been feeling stronger and gaining more with my body every time I step out of the house (top knot, trainers and SPF being the essentials).

Summer evenings have been glorious recently so there's been nothing I've enjoyed more than getting some fresh air and freedom after a day at work - yesterday evening being the peak of my journey so far. Although I haven't noticed everything overnight, certain things have changed over the past six weeks:

Stamina: Getting hit with a stitch after a short period of running was not a good feeling; being able to jog the distance that I would of been walking half way through is. I'm able to endure a longer distance and work my body harder - although I can report that I'm still a tomato face by the end of it. Some things never change.

Visuals: Clean eating always improves my skin, it helps clear blemishes and reduce redness, but working out really brings the glow! Vitamin D does miracles (along with a layer of sun protection). A big factor for peoples fitness is weight-loss, and I've been feeling pounds dropping off in areas I've struggled with before. We all love to feel and look amazing.

Motivation: The more I feel the benefits, the more I want to succeed! I get to a point where I would of stopped before, now I tell myself I can keep going further. The mind is the best form of motivation.

Clarity: Have you ever watched a film where someone has an argument/gets stressed and resorts in saying "I'm going for a run"? I get it. Time for yourself and freeing your mind of worries is one of my favourite aspects. You can let go of everything, breathe and help balance life. As long as your feeling happy in what your doing, then that's all that matters. 

I've mentioned that the end goal for this is taking part in Race For Life for Cancer Research, a charity very close to my heart - I'm so grateful for anyone to donate what they can (here) as it does save lives. Scottish Power contacted me along with fellow Cambridgeshire bloggers to run, which has made me get outside and get fit - something anyone can do!

How long was it before you noticed improvements on your body?


  1. I am training for a Race for Life Pretty Muddy 5K at the moment - definitely noticed changes in my stamina! And the sunshine definitely encourages me to go running after work! Good luck with your 10k!! :)

  2. I'm glad you're feeling the benefits already. My stamina has definitely improved too, but I'm yet to see many physical changes; still hoping to shed a few pre-holiday pounds! :) xx

    Emma -


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