Friday, 19 June 2015

Wasabi Comes To Cambridge

Over the last few weeks I have managed to build up all possible sushi cravings, safely tucked away in the back of my mind, until Wednesday evening when I let all wants and needs for teriyaki run wild at the pre-opening event for the Japanese pit-stop, Wasabi - a highly anticipated and exciting launch for Cambridge. 

Wasabi has only ever meant one thing to me, a quick Katsu curry on the train home from Kings Cross; it may be the most comforting dish to eat after a long day of walking and pollution, but it also strongly scents the whole carriage making me the victim of a few eye-rolls and looks of annoyance... one mouthful and I know it's worth it.

The new branch means being able to get my fill of fresh sushi, a warming curry, bubble tea or just a plain and simple miso soup - all of which make the search for quick and healthy lunches an ease.

There may be some truth behind "the longer you wait the better it tastes" because it all tasted delicious to me: tempura prawn and avacado roll, spicy salmon futomaki and Surimi crabmeat and avacado being my favourites.

Wrapped for freshness, flavoured for delight. 

We all know there is a lot better Japanese food out there in the world, but I will argue that this is a whole lot better than any of the supermarket stuff!

Twist the arm of some good company and head upstairs for a chilled post-work gathering (in blogging terms, grab your laptop and set up camp for your lunch hour or so).

A special thank you to Wasabi, Cambridge and the wonderful and welcoming staff for hosting a thoroughly enjoyable evening - I know the rest of the table full of lovely ladies ( KeighleyAliceEmmaKatJessPippa and Claire) and I will be back in no time!


  1. this sounds really interesting!

  2. pippa artus clashingtime25/06/2015, 12:14

    Yum Yum Yum! Great to see you :)


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