Thursday, 27 August 2015

Time To Rebalance

Everyday life can become a little hectic now and again; trying to fit a hundred tasks into one day whilst still allowing time to enjoy yourself and relax can be a struggle. Continuous busy days result in time flying by and before you know it you're nearly in September... how?

There is one thing that I find helps to stop getting lost in the stress and chaos, bring my mind back to the moment and focus on myself: a pamper evening is never overrated.

L'Occitane are a brand which are helping with this, having launched a new Rebalancing Ritual to their
Aromachologie pillar to restore balance and clarity within the mind by using 5 essential oils: juniper, lemon, cypress, thyme and eucalyptus which all boast impressive properties - who knew thyme helps with memory? This particular blend of essential oils create an invigorating scent to awaken your body and soul, used in an assortment of new products to excite any body care lover. Just have a look at that Black Soap.

The product that I was itching to get my hands on most was the Rebalancing Face Mask*. In line with the rest of the range it aims to remove impurities and cleanse pores using mineral powders to leave your skin feeling fresh and radiant. The smooth texture is particularly soothing to apply.

I admit, I usually fear clay masks will dry out my skin and leave it feeling tight, but L'Occitane have made this gentle enough to prevent that stripped feeling whilst balancing the skins oils. A wonderful weapon for a Sunday evening to prep skin for the week ahead.

My skin has been thanking me every time I've used this mask which is lucky because the scent and rebalancing effect is too lovely to let go. Have you tried anything from the Aromachologie range? 

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