Friday, 20 November 2015

Second Best To Mums Roast

I think we can all agree that a post is well overdue, but rather than feeling guilty and bore you with details as to where weekly updates have been I thought I would get stuck into one of the topics that excites me the most: food.

My favourite season, Autumn, is slowing coming to an end. The golden leaves are vastly vanishing and the Winter chill is creeping in - however one of the highlights us Brits gain when it comes to Winter is the classic Roast. You're mad if you don't love them.

Although nothing's going to beat your mums roast, something that will save you washing up the pots and pans is getting some Sunday fresh air to track down the second best roast going.

If you're local to Ely then you may already know that you will find it at The Royal Standard.

The relaxed and cosy atmosphere puts you into the weekend-daze almost immediately.

We skipped starters and went straight for the star of the show... 

Slices upon slices of tender beef, roast tatties (which could be a little more crisp) but the yorkshire puds made up for that. 

Trio of veg, naked, ready to be rolled in the meaty gravy - all of which we ate whilst sitting on a cow. 

A roast is only a roast when followed by a hot pud, luckily they do them pretty well; sticky toffee pudding with smooth ginger ice-cream, or they also serve up a delicious Panna cotta. 

If you can't wait until Sunday then you're in luck, Friday night is steak night! Get down there tonight and order the peppercorn sauce - it's well worth the journey.

Squeeze in an afternoon nap before a movie night and you've got my perfect Sunday. These colder months aren't so bad after-all.

A quick thank you to my readers for being patient and continuing to read my content, I'm looking forward to sharing as many posts before the year comes to an end and share recent trips and future adventures with you all. 

Olivia X

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