Monday, 7 September 2015

Last Of The Summer Picnics

I was determined to squeeze one more picnic in before this Summer draws to a close.

It just so happens that the talented Karen organised a little photography shindig with a group of fellow Cambridge bloggers and keen photographers.

After arriving late, I quickly found a spot next to some familiar faces: EmmaAlice and Claire, and unpacked my unworthy picnic of cherry toms, Parma ham and crusty bread.

Ears pinned back and Mason tumblr in hand; even without the gin, Aoife makes a mean cocktail. Karen spoke of everything to help with capturing memorable photos - from props to positions, lighting and angles. Hopefully now my photography will be a little less amateur after a chat with a professional.

Soon enough our tummies started to rumble and the colourful assortment of foods came out, just in time for playtime with our cameras.

One of the tips was to display items in odd numbers - if only all my food looked as beautiful as this by following that rule.

There's no question that Instagram is a very, very important form of photography.

Just as important as the skill of admiring cakes...
One look at My Foodie Days and I'm ready to get my apron on and bake some Italian sweetness!

Baskets of crispy Pink Lady's tempted us in to balance out the gin, cakes and Corkers.

Sadly the sky light began to dim over Jesus Green and the chill crept into the air, making it time for me to say my farewells and head home with a bag of goodies.
Although it may of been one of my last Summer picnics, I hope it wasn't the last of meet-ups with the lovely local bloggers, both familiar and new faces!
What will you miss about Summer evenings?

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