Friday, 10 May 2013

Fashion Friday | "She wants marriage, I want pearls."

Once Upon A Time... A film by Karl Lagerfeld.

When I stumbled across this I became extremely happy whilst thinking it was perfect for todays Fashion Friday... something a little different than a piece of clothing. A short film that reflects a small part of Gabrielle Chanel' life, played by the beautiful Keira Knightly.

Karl Lagerfeld is a man of many talents; photographer, director and above all- fashion designer. I admire his worth ethic, honesty and designs... and although he is not the original creator, Karl is now the director of the wonderful brand which is known today as Chanel, as well as designing for his own label, KARL. After watching his documentary 'Lagerfeld Confidential' you learn about his many talents, one of which has made this mini black and white masterpiece.

'Coco before Chanel' is also a wonderful film where you learn what life was like for Gabrielle Chanel, a film I highly recommend. However, the aspect of this film that intrigues me the most is the fashion aspect; I love seeing the sophisticated hats and outfits from that era, whilst the Parisian style of simplicity with textures and tailoring are my favourite. Fingers crossed I one day have a Chanel handbag... or two (a string of Chanel pearls and a Little Black Jacket wouldn't be ill-received either.) An iconic brand which stands for power, style and luxury which is never out-dated.

I hope you enjoy watching this short film!


  1. This is so beautiful, I wish I lived in this time x

    1. Me too! I would wear hats everyday xx

  2. Lovely short film! I find these sort of things always a great inspiration. I can't wait to see the Great Gatsby too!


    1. I have never been so excited for a film as I am for The Great Gatsby! Glad you enjoyed xx


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