Saturday, 14 February 2015

The Path To The Giant Grasshopper

 If you read my most recent post then you will know that I enjoyed a feast of meat and beer on Wednesday evening, now it's time for the entertainment that followed Pint Shop.

Cambridge is full of beauty: the colleges, small cobble streets and summertime punting, but sometimes aspects of cities can be taken for granted and overlooked on a daily basis, so it helps when these attractions get the limelight and thats exactly what E-Luminate have done. 

We gathered around the corner to find Kings Parade illuminated from the display on Kings College and all surrounding architecture, with the question of 'Does this always happen?' to later find it was the Vision from e-Luminate, which you can read more about here.

You can't take a picture in Cambridge without there being a bike somewhere... it's impossible.

Stripes to swirls to dots, it's fair to say we got quite exited

 (and fell a little bit in love).

Watching the colleges glow the colours of the rainbow made braving the cold worth it, but nipping down the road for a hot chocolate and staying cosy wouldn't hurt

Keep walking and you will come along to the Corpus Clock, a 24-carat gold-plated clock which will hypnotize you into the world of grasshoppers. 

It was a magical experience, and a brilliant event to witness if you're nearby. The Light Festival is showing until 15th February, with different installations all over the city, you could make an evening of it and visit as many as possible, 

It's surprising what you can find locally to your humble abode. 


  1. I love it when buildings get lit up like that, it's pretty amazing, isn't it?

    Corinne x


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