Thursday, 12 February 2015

Meat. Bread. Beer.

You know you've had a wonderful evening when you arrive home with your stomach aching from laughter - and last night was just that, full of wonderful people, food, scenery and joy. 

My friends and I love eating out, give us a menu and we will be drooling over all there is to offer, especially when it comes to meat! If you're not familiar with the Cambridge area than Peas Hill is quickly becoming known as 'The Meat Street', just off the market square and a minutes walk from the colleges makes it the idyllic spot to dine if you're there for the day. One of the restaurants that seems to always be busy along there is Pint Shop, offering the three things to win over any foodies heart....

What's not to love? Even if you're not a beer drinker like myself you're bound to find one which satisfies your tastebuds. I went for a pale ale: light and fruity, one for beer beginners, Keighley likes them dark and strong- a Guiness/Coffee which Miriam opted for as a dessert. 

But, if you're not one for a pint then the cocktails are just as tasty.

Our helpful waiter took our order, Alia did a pout (as usual) and we hungrily waited for the feast to come.

There was chicken, pie, steak and pork, which all looked delicious, and tasted delicious too by the silence of the table once we started eating it - what meat was missing though?

Lamb, of course! Shoulder of lamb, Pearl Barley and Goats Cheese with Sprouting Brocoli for good measure. It was rich, tender and a pure winner in my eyes. At this point we were glad that we skipped on starters.

The sound of Salted Caramel Chocolate Pudding and BBQ Bananas with Honeycomb was just too tempting (we did skip the bread, so pudding was allowed!), it was the perfect dessert: light and creamy smoked banana.

I think Keighley was proud of her food baby by the end of it too!

Whilst Alia was just as proud of her findings in the Ladies.

If you're nearby to Cambridge or just visiting for a day then I highly recommend Pint Shop, good quality and flavorsome food! 

However, that wasn't it for the night, we were treated to a display on the Cambridge Colleges to highlight their beauty... but that will have to wait until the next post, it will be worth it!

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  1. pippa artus clashingtime13/02/2015, 13:55

    I was there last night, love this place!


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