Friday, 6 March 2015

Oh Honey, Take A Whiff Of This!

 Laura Mercier Body & Bath Golden Honey Musk Duo | Selfridges

This post has been a long time coming... lets just say I made a purchase from the Space Nk Christmas sales, I used them once, and somehow let them be forgotten in a mix of other body creams. Until, that is, the other night when I was in the self-indulgent mood and wanted something ultra luxurious to use, and voilà! Laura Mercier Golden Honey Musk was re-discovered and I have not been able to stop smelling my skin ever-since.

As you would expect, it smells of honey... but not just any old honey, oh no - honey from only the finest of bees, that feed on provincial golden pollen and fly with flawless wing. Yes, this is the smell of honey from those kinda' bees. Hidden beneath the honey is Amber, Sandlewood and musk that strip off the sweetness and replace it with a deep and sexy twist. 

Doesn't it sound divine?

The Honey Bath creates a very subtle aroma beneath the steam from a hot bath; and if I'm honest, the results are a little disappointing - it doesn't foam up generously, and what's the point in a bubble bath if there's not going to lots of bubbles? However, even if it's not the most luxurious bath in the world; swirling the wooden dipper into the sticky, honey-like gel feels rather magical on its own.

If you're looking for a body cream that is going to linger for hours and act as a perfume then the LM Souffle Body Cremes are your winner! Seriously, if it wasn't for daily showers then I think I would still be able to smell this on my skin. The textures rich and creamy, gliding over the skin and leaving it soft not sticky (you know the feeling I'm talking about?). After popping this on you will be ready to slip into your favourite dress pajamas for a night out in bed.

There's a beautiful selection of body products in all the ranges, which all smell good enough to eat, with Creme Brulee and Pistachio being two of my other favourites. Have you treated yourself or been treated to the Laura Mercier body products?


  1. Chrissylilly07/03/2015, 19:55

    I absolutely LOVE this scent! The only reason I haven't bought it is because I actually hate taking baths!!! I have a set of mini Laura Mercier Moisturisers (the honey scent isn't in there though) and they're so rich and beautiful!!

    Chrissy x

  2. jadiee bevan08/03/2015, 16:47

    i want to try this :)

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  3. RedDoesBeauty12/03/2015, 10:50

    i promised myself this morning i wouldn't make any beauty purchases... and 3 hours later i decided i need the honey bath thingy GREAT


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