Wednesday, 1 April 2015

A Long Birthday Weekend | Part One

Birthdays only come once a year, so when they do come around I like to make the most of it and spread out the celebrations with my most loved ones - and when it falls on a Sunday there is only one option: to have a long weekend and squeeze in as many favourite faces as possible.

And that's exactly what I did, starting on Saturday evening when my dancing shoes were dusted off and the lengthy food marathon began. My friends and I all gathered for some glasses of bubbly and strutted our way up to a dark room, aka Jamies Pizzeria - different to Jamies Italian, the menu is simple and authentic, producing fresh and rustic pizzas. 

The best birthdays always begin with good pizza...

...and ofcourse the classing singalong of the classic 'Happy Birthday', where the waiters sing louder than your friends, the whole restaurant sing along and you're left with the undeniably embarrassed face, which soon turns into a happy one after a bite of cake. 

Cake and cocktails is the way it goes.

Alia and those Pornstars, she can't get enough of them! 

The rest of the evening consisted of some delicious cocktails and some questionable music (as well as moves).

Before I knew it, it was the morning of and all I could think of was my traditional birthday breakfast; smoked salmon and cream cheese on bagel. Sunday's are days of rest, so I followed breakfast with a laid back day at my Sisters with my family, a mighty lunch and her specialty: Chocolate & Guinness Cake (recipe here) - the perfect birthday cake to blow away any chocaholic.

After too much cake it was time to head home, where I slipped into new PJ's (one of the best feelings in the world!), lit a candle and got some beauty sleep, to be refreshed and energized for a day in London, all of which you will hear about in my next post.

Until then, I will leave you with the question: are you now craving pizza or cake?... Perhaps both?

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  1. Hope you had a fab birthday, that pizza looks amazing.




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