Friday, 3 April 2015

Lobster And Milkshakes | Part Two

If you're a Londoner, or if you have visited The Smoke then you will be well aware that you are spoilt for choice when it comes too food, and that's exactly how I feel whenever I visit. With it being the final day of my birthday celebrations and being overly self-indulgent, we managed to fit in two cracking places before the ultimate afternoon tea booking that evening. 

By the time we arrived our stomachs were rumbling, and there was only one thing our mind

Smack Lobster, just opposite Selfirdges, it's the perfect hotspot to grab some quick and delicious lunch before a serious shopping spree! 

The courgette fries are unbelieveable morish.

We both opted for the California roll: big chunks of lobster in a garlic mayo with avocado and a fresh salad garnish, all held together in a crunchy toasted roll. Delicious.

After fuelling up, we were ready to hit the shops. Being so close to Selfridges, it would be rude not too visit, and there was only one thing on my mind... the Charlotte Tlbury counter! But the Easter food hall is extremely enjoyable too, I could hop around there all day like a happy Easter Bunny!

My favourite view down Regent Street. I think it's impossible to not take a picture of Liberty Flowers.

After burning off some of that lobster, we were in need or some replenishment, and with milkshake on Keighleys mind there was only thing for it; Maxwells - only a few underground stops away in Covent Garden. The smell of the food was tempting, but we made our way to the bar and ordered some milkshakes; closely followed by a few rounds of cocktails (the news that Mondays have happy hour all day was too much temptation).

With a bit too much dutch courage inside me, we made our way over to the Burberry Beauty Box. The Burberry Kisses Discover & Play animation is a great time killer, as well as a great tool to find the the perfect shade for your skin tone. Burberry Beauty review is coming, but just a heads up - the makeup is beauuuuutiful!

With the rain drizzling down upon us, we made our way back to Picadilly for a true British experience, and something that I had been excited about for a very, very long time. 

I  know what you're thinking, for a birthday post it's been lacking cake, but come tomorrows post all will be forgiven. 


  1. Smack lobster looks amazing! Looking forward to the next birthday post :-). Kat x

  2. Omg the lobster looks great, I've always been too scared to try it! look forward to your next post :)

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