Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Crave More... Exercise

I've hit the nail on the head when it comes to healthy eating; the recipes I cook are full of goodness and outweigh the occasional dining out indulgence (and the food my eyes eat up over on Pinterest), but there is one thing that goes hand in hand with healthy eating and it's not something I can shout so loudly about; exercise has never been my forte.

Rows upon rows of beautiful pink spotted hedges and apple trees.

I don't know whether it's the fact that the sun has been glorious or because I know later this summer I will be taking part in Race For Life - whichever one it is, I've had the need for something active to get stuck into. 

So far, I'm taking it slow. Where I live is very rural, a lot of countryside so there's beautiful views and very little people watching whilst I look like a tomato-faced hot mess, which is perfect for me! For years, being self conscious was what was stopping me taking my first step, but I've grown a lot since then and told myself I just need to get out there and tell myself "who's going to laugh at you for getting fit and losing weight?"

So for any running newbies like myself out there - how do you begin? 

Power walking! Up those steps... raise those legs... get your heart rate going, all without pushing yourself to a run just yet. When you get to a stage where you feel warmed up and happy to take the leap, be it 5 minutes or 20, get your jog on. It's not as scary as it feels. Break with some power walking and build yourself back up to jogging. Repeat.

I like to be free from all thoughts and clear my head. Feel every sensation and concentrate on your breathing. 

I'm excited to see the transformation of my fitness levels, so by covering this I hope it's something that can motivate or relate to you if you're doing the same. Although the true question is, how many times will I get sprayed by freshly cut grass before I can run the whole distance?

Any tips, tricks or motivation are welcome! 

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  1. I go bright red in the face when I run, but as it's getting warmer I like to go out first thing in the morning when it's really quiet and no one is really about, so it doesn't matter! I started out just running to the top of the road and back and gradually gave myself targets to run to so I kept going farther. Now my usual length is a 5k, your body does learn quickly. Good luck with the Race For Life! x

  2. I sometimes rest half way in my local playing field by doing some sit ups / squats / lunges. It gives you a break from running & also helps to tone other areas :) x



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