Sunday, 14 June 2015

Espresso Library, Cambridge

Yesterday morning is what us Brits call a typical Summers day in England: humid, rainy and gloomy.

These days call for one thing - friends, coffee and brunch. So, I peeled myself away from the warmth of my duvet and headed into Cambridge where I found all three things at the cafe hotspot, Espresso Library.

The interior is like nothing else in Cambridge, long wooden bar seating running along the floor to ceiling windows, local artwork is showcased on the whitewashed walls, and something you would only expect from the 'city of cycles'...

Bicycles - hanging from above, alternating between huge submarine yellow factory lamps and locked onto the walls whilst their owners refuel on freshly ground coffee.

It's all very, very cool.

After securing a table for two I was joined by Pippa, a fellow Cambridge blogger and all-round lovely lady. Pippa is the one behind the magic that brought so many of us Cambridge based bloggers together, as well as running her beautiful blog 'Clashing Time'. A good catch-up was long overdue!

The cafe promotes living a balanced, healthy lifestyle (another aspect which I love), offering a long list of freshly made juices with an ever-changing menu full of wholesome food, full of goodness... with a few treats to satisfy your sweet tooth if need be. 

Pippa went for the deepest dish of frittata I've ever seen, filled with squash, tangy feta and a rainbow of veg. An eggcellent dish to start the weekend if you ask me.

I picked the halloumi with a garlic portobello mushroom on a bed of pesto and fresh salad leafs, all in a toasted brioche bun. You will find this (<link) is me whenever halloumi is mentioned.

The food was so fresh and flavoursome, the atmosphere was lively yet chilled and the quirky decor made me excited to return.

Ding ding. Round two.

Before I knew it I found myself ordering an almond milk latte, pulling up a chair and chatting away with second catch up date of the day; Alia and Zeynep are quite the regulars, using it as the perfect hide-out revision spot. 

After spending the majority of my Saturday there, chatting away and people watching, I found that Espresso Library is the perfect go-to spot for anyone and everyone: cyclists, families, dates, students - but especially those who just love a great cuppa joe

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  1. This place looks incredible!! So glad you've done a write up on here or I'd never have known about it. Think this'll be the perfect lunch date spot to take my cycling mad husband. Hope you had a lovely day :-). Kat xx

  2. Thank you Kat! Oh brilliant - I think you will both love it. Xx

  3. This looks like a beautiful place and the food looks so yummy!

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  4. Beautyandtheb14/06/2015, 20:47

    Aw this looks lovely, glad you had a great day and nice food!

    B xx

  5. I tried Espresso Library in it's opening week and was really disappointed, I found the staff rude and the coffee underwhelming. Perhaps they are now a little more on their feet and I need to give them a second chance!


  6. Thee-MiddleSis18/06/2015, 09:05

    Think I'll be taking Chris here, just hope the service is better than Jess experienced!

  7. Great blog post, I love the style of this cafe, I really want to check it out now!

    Becky |


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