Friday, 31 May 2013

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From the moment of hearing that a film of 'The Great Gatsby' was going to be released I knew it was going to be something special, so I eagerly waited for the day that released the dreamy Leonardo Dicaprio across cinema screens. One of the masterpieces throughout the film is the costumes- hence the boom of 20's style clothing on the high-street. Today's Fashion Friday is a limited edition 1920's inspired LBD from Topshop.

Embellishment, short dresses and fringing were popular features of that fashion era, and Topshop have successfully captured two out of three with this dress. There is a two layer detail, the one on top being the beautifully beaded, sheer fabric which catches the eye. I love cut of this dress which hangs so lovely on the model, plus you can't go wrong with black and beads.

A bold lip, clutch, heels and you're ready to go! The simplicity of this dress would be perfect for any occasion or event, a true staple piece for the wardrobe. It will lighten up your pockets at £160, but with more and more hitting the shops I'm sure you can find the one for you. What do you think of the roaring 20's fashion?


  1. I need this dress in my life! I thought Gatsby was amazing, made me want to embrace the 20's! x

    1. Me too! I can't wait until it's out on dvd X

  2. i love the 20's it looked like such a fun happy dancy time!
    that dress is so cute :)

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  3. Love this!! Loved the Great Gatsby and have been looking for a 20's flapper dress since. This one is perfect, love the style, shape, colour, everything about it! Am going to have to buy it now lol xx

    Heels forever


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