Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Review | Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious duo

Bumble and Bumble have products for all hair types, colours and conditions which can result to (in my case) sitting there stuck for choice with a confused face. Luckily, they have a very handy service of live expert advice which helped me stop umming and ahing between surfers or wavy hair. In the end I decided to tame my curls/waves.

If you can deal parting with nearly £40 for a shampoo and conditioner then you will end up with a lovely salon scented parcel a few days later, which of course makes you want jump in the shower that minute and give your head a good wash. A few little squeezes dotted on your hair, massaged onto your scalp make super foamy hair which smells extremely good. This shampoo left my hair feeling clean and lightweight even from wet. Next, the conditioner- washed out after a couple of minutes left my mid-lengths silky smooth and quickly forming into wet curls. I usually blow-dry, however with my first use of this I left to dry overnight and in the morning I woke up to soft, more defined waves with no frizz in sight. Just the result I was looking for.

At the checkout I also got to choose two free samples, one being the Crème de Coco shampoo and condition which has the best coconut smell as well as leaving my hair softer than ever before. My second, unused sample is a Colour Minded shampoo and conditioner with an after treatment (I don't dye my hair). It's safe to say I am now defiantly hooked with Bumble and Bumble, the Crème de Coco hair masque is next on the list to get. Do you have any recommendations that you have used?


  1. They look divine! Lovely post X

  2. They sound amazing - I really want to try their salt spray! :)

  3. I have never tried Bumble and Bumble - it sounds amazing though!
    Love your blog as well - I'm a new follower :)
    I'm doing a Review a Day week over on my blog where I review a different beauty prodcut every day for a week so it would be amazing if you could check it out?

    Ella x

    1. I love it more every use! Thank you xx

  4. I've haven't tried these products but they sound great! xx

  5. Bumble and Bumble are quite pricey however my friend raves and raves on about them. Will have to check out a few samples, your review makes me want to try them out even more.

    Great review!



    1. Thank you! :) I'm sure you can get samples from samples from the Bumble and Bumble counters xx

  6. Bumble and Bumble have so many great products, the only problem for me is the price!! I always go through hair products super quick too!

    I'm loving your blog! Just followed you on bloglovin :)

    Katie's Beautique

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