Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Review | Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream

Keihls Ultra Facial Cream £24 - Space NK
We all want to find our perfect moisturizer which isn't too greasy or drying on the skin, so when I was coming to the end of my previous day-time moisturiser I decided to make a naughty order on Space NK. I wont keep you waiting too long on what other lovely things I purchased, but for now I've been trialing Keihls Ultra Facial Cream and here are my thoughts. 

One aspect that mainly drew me to this product is that it doesn't contain anything that could aggravate sensitive skin... I can confirm Keihls has kept my skin calm. The texture is lighter than I expected, it sinks in quickly and leave no oily residue which some creams can; meaning make-up can sit nicely on top. Whether I am having a no-makeup day or not this proves to be effective at keeping my skin hydrated throughout the day, plus it could work well doubled up as a night-time cream if a little more was applied to bring out the richness. 

I can see the 125ml pot on the horizon for the Winter months- no dryness, just plump and smooth skin! If you have dry skin or feel a little hydration wouldn't go a miss then I recommend this, your skin will gradually look more radiant and the mixture of ingredients will reduce moisture loss. More scientific info' on the pot.

Have you tried Keihls Ultra Facial Cream? 


  1. i've never tried any khiels products so far but this one sounds really good. i try to step up my skin care routine a little bit more and i'm looking for some nice products.


  2. This looks lovely, im never dissapointed by kiehls!


  3. I've never tried this or anything from Khiels for that matter! This looks like a great product though xx


  4. This seems lovely, i actually have a little tester pot of this so will have to give it a go (:


  5. I've been wanting this for the longest time! It looks so lovely, I used to walk past Kiehls on my way to uni everyday but could never afford anything
    Daniella x


  6. I don't have dry skin but this seems like a lovely product! x


  7. what skin do you have? do you think this will work well with oily skin?
    anyway, nice blog :)xx


    1. Thank you! I have dry/combination skin, I do think it would be nice for oily skin too Xx

  8. i love the kiehls line, used to use their products, but can be pricey. this sounds great for sensitive skin, which i have.

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  9. Wow this seems so great! Desperate to try now!
    Emma x

  10. Oh wow this sounds so heavenly.. what a gorgeous cream. Shame about the price tag xx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie ♥

  11. Thanks so much for your lovely comment on my post. I'm home a,k day tomorrow and planning to stay in bed with a mug of tea and my iPad working my way through this beautiful blog xxx

  12. great review, sounds amazing!


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