Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Review | REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser

REN Clarifying Clay Cleanser £18 - REN skincare

Emma Hardie? Severe breakouts. Balance Me? Skin aggravation. REN? Hallelujah! Generally I like REN as a brand with their simple packaging, adequate pricing and clean ingredients, however I don't find myself with many products by them. In future I will be gravitating towards the brand much more after the success of this cleanser. 

The Clarifying Clay Cleanser comes in a clear tube with a little pump at the top, handy and practical. It doesn't come out as thick as you may think but more of a clay/cream which smoothly glides over the skin. One squirt of this it all you need massaged into your face and neck (even my ultra sensative eyes can bear it) for a few minutes with damp hands, washed off with a flannel and you're ready for the rest of your night-time regimen to proceed! 

REN targets this cleanser blemish prone/oily skin, as my skin is on the drier side I was apprehensive as to whether it would be too much for my skin- not at all. The formula contains Manuka Extract which soothes and nourishes, whilst the French Clay purifies and removes excess oil. Since using this I have noticed my T-zone to be less oily, pores minimized and it also seems to dry up any spots quickly. 

Have I found my perfect cleanser? Possibly. One thing I do know is that my sister is also a fan, and if you're after a new cleanser than have a go with this one- especially if you have sensitive skin! 

What other REN products should I try? Is this a favourite of yours? 


  1. I adore this cleanser. I have quite dry skin but I can still use it a few times a week for a deep cleanse. Sorry about the Emma Hardie, have you tried Clinique Take The Day Off? It's a nice alternative if your skin's sensitive.

    1. No I haven't tried that, I shall look into it though - Thank you

  2. Oh this sounds great! I've got dry skin, but I'm quite prone to spots, so this sounds like something I should definitely try!

    life-of-libby.blogspot.co.uk xx

  3. I always have issues with spots on my chin, so this sounds perfect and a way I could try and tame them! Thank you for the review xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I love REN products, as thinking of trying out the Emma Hardie cleanser but not so sure now, wouldn't want to waste all that money and it breaks me out.
    Daniella x


    1. Everyones skin's different so I wouldn't be put off just by it not working for me. I think this REN cleanser is lighter and a better price though X

  5. I've been meaning to try this for a while, I have dry skin too but I feel like it definitely needs a good clean out every once in a while. Cannnot wait to go to SpaceNk and get it!

    your blog looks lovely :)


  6. You broke out with Emma Hardie too?? Thank God I'm not the only one! I'll have to try this Ren thing out ! :)


  7. Great thing you warned about Emma Hardy. I have sensitive skin to so I will definitely leave it alone after reading this!!

  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing. Will give this cleanser a go.

    Check out my blog and follow if you like. :)


    Deepti. x


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