Monday, 10 November 2014

The Winter Fragrance | Jo Malone

One of the things I most enjoy about the colder months is swapping my fragrance from a light summery scent into something warm and woody. There's just something about spritzing on some comforting fragrance before leaving the house on a icy cold morning - before your nose becomes a small block of ice sitting on your face.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne | Jo Malone

It can be a little overwhelming looking for the perfect perfume for each season, hence why some of us may have a bit of a collection going on, but once you know which fragrance notes you like and what works well on your skin you can quickly decide what will get your little nose excited; and Jo Malone's newest addition sure does it for me. 

This beautiful new concoction comes in the name of 'Wood Sage & Sea Salt' and has been catching everyone's attention, including mine after having a little spritz. Jo Malone describes it as 'Lively, spirited and totally joyful' and it is just that. You are completely captured by the fragrance and taken to a rainy day by the sea and cliffs; the sweet and salty notes transform into deep woody notes with the tang of saltiness (FYI, this is not a food review). Believe me, you need to have a sniff of this. 

I am a sucker for Jo Malone colognes, and you can have a read of my summer favourite here and a past winters purchase here.

Everyone's fragrance is so personal and can say so much about them that it's so interesting to hear what other peoples favourites are. Do you prefer summer or winter perfumes? 


  1. It sounds so so good! I almost don't want to smell it as I know it is pricey and I will probably be desperate to buy it afterwards! xx

  2. Mademoiselle Lala14/11/2014, 14:43

    I had a sniff of it from some magazine and I loved it! I really want to get some Jo Malone fragrances!

  3. This is on my Christmas list! Its just so heavenly

    Jenna ||

  4. I have this one!


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