Thursday, 23 April 2015

Sombreros And Ballet

Last week we had the warmest day of the year (as of yet!), and it just so happened that was the day that Keighley and I were headed to Norwich for a day out -  building up towards an exciting evening at the theater, we will get to that later. 

The City was ours to do as we pleased until sunset. 

We began with ice-cream - as all of the best sunny days out do!

After catching up with one another about anything and everything, debating on the next Jo Malone fragrance we're lusting after and getting caught in a protest, it was time to hit the shops.
Norwich has the most beautiful little Arcade, full of little independent home-decor shops, cafes, sweet stores and the most delightful place for macaroons, Macaroons & More.

I have wild visions of transforming this into the worlds longest conservatory; a dining table stretching from one end to the other, plated with fresh food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A tad dramatic but completely dreamy.

Bringing myself back to reality, the shopping continued only to be rudely interrupted by our rumbling tummy's. 

Going to Norwich is a treat for me or any of my family due to it being the home of our favourite mexican restaurant - so I insisted on taking Keighley there with the promise that neither of us would leave hungry. 

A round of Strawberry Fools, the sight on sombreros and we were transported to Mexico.

Nowhere does Chimmichanga quite like Pedros; the deep-fried, chicken filled burrito parcel lures me back in time and time again.

Something that I hadn't tried before and new to the menu is the Mexican Wets: salty sauteed potato slices, generously coated in sticky BBQ sauce with hot, melted cheese on top.  

Rich, morish and come with a side of guilt.

Pedros are already well known in Noriwch for their fun vibe and comforting meals, as well as being a great spot for Uni students. I defiantly recommend popping by if you're headed that way some time. 

If you go at this time of year then you will be greeted by the most beautiful blossom tree.

Full of beauty - they bring a smile every-time you catch a glimpse!

After some fresh air and a walk we were ready for a nap, but instead the night was just beginning. 

 Anybody who knows me will know that a piece of my heart belongs to The Great Gatsby, be it the book or the film, F Scott Fitzgerald's classic is a masterpiece. so I was beyond excited after hearing that my first experience of ballet would be in the form of The Great Gatsby.

From the moment we took our seats, the crowd seeped in and the orchestra warmed up, I knew I would love it. The Northern Ballet outdid themselves. I was completely in awe of the magic created on stage.

I've officially got the ballet bug - what are your recommendations?


  1. looks like you had an amazing day!! that ice cream looks delish!! xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I haven't been to London in ages but now you're making me want to go haha!

  3. Thee-MiddleSis28/04/2015, 08:38

    The Norwich arcade looks so pretty!

    And I'm loving your ridiculously colourful photos! lovely post :)


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