Friday, 31 July 2015

Juniper Sling

We are all familiar with fragrance wardrobes: a personal selection of scents we build to suit our moods and to remind us of memories.

For me, this has been extended into the shower room where a whole new shower-gel wardrobe is growing: choices for morning 'til night, relaxing or revitalizing, and I've just found the true winner to fill the spot for indulgence.

Penhaligons has been a traditionally British perfumer since 1870, producing high quality fragrance, men's grooming and candles (including an Earl Grey one which I can't get my mind off). To this day they're still launching new and innovative creations which all tell their own beautiful story. 

Juniper Sling, inspired by the roaring 20s and London Gin (two of my favourite things) combine together to create an exciting, crisp fragrance - full of character, which leans slightly towards the masculine side of things! No matter how hard I try, I can't describe it as wonderfully as this video does.

When I close my eyes and lather up the Bath and Shower Gel, I'm surrounded by the aroma of red cherries and juniper berries, as well the sweetness from the orange brandy and warm brown sugar. The soft foam generously coats my body and leaves my skin softly scented, reminding me of how much I need the fragrance to layer the addictive notes. 

So, if you know of any gin-fanatics (or, are perhaps one yourself) then you need to get a whiff of this! The luxurious packaging only makes it more of a reason as to why it's a lovely gift to give.

The perfect excuse to unwind, make a G&T and sit back in a bath worthy of the days of Gatsby.

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