Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Race For Life: I Did It

Blogging and fitness have both gone downhill in the past few weeks, with the obvious excuse being lack of time, but the truth is I lost motivation for a small duration. Accepting how you feel and giving yourself time is the best thing to do sometimes, which was exactly what was needed before the big event.

Before I get to the 10K itself, there has been a huge impact that fitness has brought to a part of me;
there's no question of the health benefits from running - but it's more than physical, mentally it is beyond rewarding.

You've guessed it... a bit of a heart-felt post is happening, mainly for myself, but also to post photo proof of the fun a high-five foam hand can bring!

Past posts have covered all the changes I have felt since I've started running, but putting into words the difference it has made to my head space and emotions is another challenge I will try and overcome.

The easiest way I can I describe the change is the way I felt when I wasn't working out regularly; unhappiness and lack of motivation being the main ones. I skip a few days, I forget how good it feels so I stop again and beat myself up for not going... it's all a bad cycle to get stuck into. The best thing to do? Just get back out there. I forced myself and after one hour I felt calmer, happier and more balanced.

So, I squeezed in a few training sessions before the 19th, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

The morning of: a few bites of energy-boosting goodness, laced trainers and nerves building up... we were ready to go!

My wonderful friend, Keighley was the main star for getting me through it with laughter and joy, so here's a special thank to you Coco. I highly recommend you do it with a friend or family member to share the experience with.

Gemma and Emma were also two other lovely ladies taking part who I met through blogging, it was a special moment to meet up with others before and after to hear about each others journey and experience (and to wave to when running by one another).

We were just a tiny group among the thousands that turned up for a brilliant cause, whom all joined together to help fight cancer by doing what they can do, what we can all do, which really showed in the atmosphere and helped keep momentum throughout.

This post is a little here and there, that's because the whole event seems a bit of a blur - but I won't forget the achievement I felt at the end; as Keighley and I ran through the finish line, I felt a whole heap of emotions (a lot being gratitude for her), and the excitement to take part in next years event and beat our time!

It's only a year away, I should have time to train - right?

Also, a little thank you to Scottish Power, one of the sponsors for the event - for inviting me to take part and get off my behind to allow me to uncover a whole new part of myself.

Blogging schedule back to normal from now, with a whole heap of beauty products I'm dying to share with you!

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